Jenna Bagnini, LMSW

I am an empathetic therapist who meets people where they are. I have experience working with adults who struggle with depression and anxiety disorders. I have also worked with those affected by bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and similar conditions.

Therapy is my second act. Previously, I worked in the book publishing field for twenty years as a copyeditor. My experience in my own therapy led me to this career change and I decided I wanted to work with people on overcoming their challenges. So, I traded in editing for empowering! I went to school for social work and graduated with a solid foundation in various methodologies. I am ready to work with people who have depression or anxiety, career-related stress, relationship issues, and many other problems. I also enjoy working with those who have mood disorders. My own grandfather had bipolar disorder and I can pull from this firsthand experience.

I have taken several trainings, such as suicide training with The Wellness Institute, The American Association of Suicidology, and The American Foundation for Suicidology, as well as trauma-focused CBT with The National Traumatic Stress Network and a six-week online DBT skills course with Marsha Linehan/Psychwire.

I was also a crisis counselor at Crisis Text Line.