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Andre Thomas, LMSW


Andre is a native New Yorker who received his Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a focus in social psychology before going on to receive a Master's in Social Work.  He has been in the behavioral health field since 2008 when he started as a direct care worker for individuals with severe menal health diagnoses and/or developmental diagnoses.  During his professional career, he has also worked as a care manager, care coordinator and therapist.  Andre has military experience that allows for a unique perspective in working with veterans and service members.

Andre focuses on providing the best care he can by allowing his patient to lead.  He brings humility, empathy and curiosity to each session.  He has extensive experience working with members of the queer community, people of color and emerging adults (18-30).  He also has extensive experience working with people who have suicidal thoughts and past suicidal attempts.  As a survivor of trauma and suicidal ideations, himself, Andre takes pride in working with individuals who are also survivors.

When working with Andre, know that he will support your healing.  Trauma has the power to reshape the way you engage with the world and see yourself in it.  Thus, he will help you identify, develop and strengthen the person you are within the world now.  You can be the greatest version of yourself, no matter what you have survived.  Andre focuses on helping you stop being who you think you should be, or who others tell you to be, and begin to be the most authentic version of you.

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